Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Solar cooking sweet and sour chicken

To day I cooked another batch of chicken. Again I put 5 skilnless quarters in the oven bag.
Then I mixed 1 cup of vinager with 1 cup of brown sugar and disolved it..
Pour in the bag, mix ,and it will coat the chicken

I put the chicken in the 12 in dutch oven @11:30.
I set the Sunpower Cooker about an hour ahead of the sun, then readjust 2 hrs later.
At 2 oclock the chicken was done, but I left it on until 4.
It was difficult to take the chicken out of the bag because it fell apart.
This is really hard to mess up. Put some salt in the mixture and you have a really nice meal

I use what is on hand. Most of my recipies come from what I have in my food storage.
How about cooking a pot of beans? Or baking bread to go with beans?
Stay tuned to find out

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